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Web Site Tools / Saturday, June 30th, 2018
Developer: West Wind Technologies
Specifications: Version 5.0.235:
  • Easier full project backups to Zip files
  • Visual Studio 2013/2012 Integration
  • Command Line Console for build integration
Requirements: Microsoft HTML Help Workshop
Limitation: Shareware popup, shareware message in generated content
Operation system: Windows Server 2008/7/8/10
Price: $299
License: Free to try
Version: v2.55
Downloads: 9418
Rating: 4.2 / Views: 2050
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PDF Output Generation

At the current time there’s just no cost benefit to a re-write. I decided to aply some of your ideas using the new GdiPlus-X libraryhttp://weblogs.Foxite.Com/cesarchalom/archive/2006/12/06/2998.Aspx I know the new library is “heavy”, but I think that people will start using more and more GDI+. New, Cleaner Templates Help Builder 5.0 also includes a new set of templates that are much cleaner and leaner, using a generally more simple layout scheme. The dialog looks like this: Usually a user will be editing some help topic, then type some text like Visit our Support Site, highlight the selection of text and then pop into the dialog.

Full Specifications

There are situations where you might be just writing a small bit of code without having it in Visual Studio and in that case the syntax coloring might look a little different. I’ve been using it extensively in the last month or so while working on Web Connection 6.0 writing documentation as I go and I can tell you that the new features in Help Builder make creating documentation a lot easier.The Help Builder 5.0 beta is currently available for download and if you want to check it you can get it here:What’s NewThere are a ton of changes in Help Builder 5.0 and the most significant is the new text editor as well as a bunch of UI improvements. It’s noticable.Check it OutIf you are a current user of Help Builder I think you’ll love the improvements over version 4.X. And it’s actually easier to write this code in C++ than in Fox . For more general discussion of operation of Help Builder or discussion of feature requests and other more general use cases, please use the message board.

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I’m now trying it on our Terminal Server (at Talman we all develop on a central Terminal Server) to see how it handles multiple users working on the same help file at once (if that works well there’s an Enterprise license coming your way soon Rick).It integrates with .Net projects and is exposed as a COM object for scripted content input (which is how we generate a lot of our extended database schema help).Well worth the price. The packages found in this section of the site are provided, maintained, and moderated by the community. If I were starting work today on from scratch I would definitely go with .NET even given the above issues. For developers there’s support for importing many kinds of component class interfaces including .NET, COM and Visual FoxPro classes.

West Wind Html Help Builder

All documentation that’s online (other than GitHub docs although I will be using this for that as well because of the new Markdown editor). Editor->Preview Scroll Sync The HTML Preview now stays in sync with the editor’s content in most situations.

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Includes a ton of internal knowledge and interfaces with a large variety of external tools and re-writing and re-testing this codebase is not a trivial process. West Wind Html Help Builder is included in Development Tools.

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Hi all, Recently I put out a new beta version of West Wind Html Help Builder. Version 5.X is a major upgrade with support for a new topic editing experience using the… How can you tell whether code comes from Visual Studio? If you purchase a license you get access to the latest RC release as well as to Help Builder 4.68 and you are eligible for the RTM version when it ships. I use Markdown in my own applications frequently to allow user text input and minimal CMS like features.

West Wind HTML Help Builder Tech Specs

I added a new wwWebCapture control that can be dropped onto any WCF style form like this:   Then in the CodeBehind code:  FUNCTION btnPostComment_Click()  this.OComment.New()  IF THIS.BindingErrors.Count > 0   this.ErrorDisplay.Text = this.BindingErrors.ToHtml()   RETURN ENDIF   IF !This.Captcha.IsValidated      this.ErrorDisplay.ShowError(“Invalid Validation Code”)      this.SetFocus(this.TxtComment)      RETURN ENDIF …  ENDFUNC  The control manages all the Session settings, the image url creation so there’s really only a single line of code required to check whether the Captcha was validated. The West Wind Web Service About us: For users: For developers: Follow us: Developers *may* know what to use for this, but what about an technical writer? As it turns out if you create hard instances of any GDI+ objects – rather than reference objects created with the new operator – the object stick around before the method is done processing.