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.NET / Tuesday, June 12th, 2018
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Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server, Microsoft .NET framework 2
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Version: v2
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Direct Oracle Access, as the name suggests, directly … To be able to use that in a typed way, you have to either define the type up front or consume the query inside the method, there's no other way, I'm afraid. Something like calling FirstOrDefault with LLBLGen LINQ will allocate 280 KB and then it will be released for GC? @Dalibor 1) a habit from old times. Further updates are paid, but they include the visual designer and technical support.

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Being a good sport, I simply created new instances of these internal structures in the constructor, to avoid null checks and creations all over the place. This is also one of the drawbacks of the whole Linq system: you can’t really rely on it to have a true generic O/R mapper querying language: you’ll always have to fall back on the O/R mapper specific elements to use it to its maximum potential or worse: to even be able to perform a given action on the data in the database.

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If we look at what Linq provides us, we have no possibility to specify that we want to fetch these two graphs with the query specified, we have to specify the graph layout outside the query. Below is a code snippet which does the same as the code snippet above, but now it uses the ConnectionProvider class, also generated by LLBLGen, to share a SqlConnection object and transaction among the two data-access objects so both calls of the two methods are ran in one transaction (using ADO.NET transaction functionality). Any .NET ORM framework LLBLGen Pro is the leading entity modeling solution for .NET and can be used with Entity Framework, NHibernate and Linq to Sql, or our own ORM.

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Iterating through the DataTable rows each time seems like a bad way. For the image, we simply have a textbox where the filename should be typed in. In an ORM, generating SQL strings is one of things it is meant to do, and if you’re not careful it will generate a lot of strings.

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The most popular versions of the tool are 3.5, 3.1 and 3.0. For the particular work we’ll be doing here, it’s key to have the right tooling.

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This is in fact a class we just generated, clsEmployees, which holds all code needed to maintain the Employees table. It doesn’t compile: ‘left’ isn’t a valid keyword there. If no call is made to this particular method, no HashSet is created. Enter the wonderful world where , enter the world of ‘doing it the hard way just because life is already easy enough’. It takes less than an hour (depending on size of database of course) to generate my LLBLGen Entity Objects from the database, as opposed to having to code all of it manually with nHibernate, AND do the mappings.

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An example can be found in the posted yesterday, where he appends a query to find the Max price from a set of entities defined by another query. In a Linq provider you track a lot of things along the way, e.G. Customers have access to the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework source code, all task performers sourcecode (e.G. This program is an intellectual property of Solutions Design bv. Instead first look at areas which take 40%-50% or even more and see what takes all that.