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Example code: Simple Context Menu

You can tweak and modify this code to make a better looking, more efficient contextmenu. First, the menu isn’t in the position we’d expect when we right-click on an item. We can click on the task for more information, we can add new tasks, edit the task, and delete the task — a basic CRUD app if you will.

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An emerging (and highly useful) concept that’s being utilised by the two formerly mentioned apps is a customised context menu. Examples: Some more examples: I should also use functions I’ve already coded: 2) 3) By posting your answer, you agree to the and . This tutorial was tested in the following browsers: It’s also worth mentioning here that there is in HTML5, but unfortunately so it’s not something worth going into in much depth. ContextMenu.Js needs your contribution to become best of its kind. To trigger the event manually, call .Contextmenu() without an argument: To show a “Hello World!” Alert box when the contextmenu event is triggered on a paragraph on the page: Right click to toggle background color.


Answering your question – use contextmenu event, like below: But you should ask yourself, do you really want to overwrite default right-click behavior – it depends on application that you’re developing. While this can useful, I find it much more useful to have item-specific context menus.

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EDIT: response to answers: I’ve tried this: This question has been asked before and already has an answer. This method is a shortcut for .On( “contextmenu”, handler ) in the first two variations, and .Trigger( “contextmenu” ) in the third. Please, type the verification number: Type here: LATEST QUERIES. Dropbox and Gmail are perfect examples of this, allowing you to perform actions like archiving, deleting, downloading, viewing, and so on.

Browser Compatibility

As I mentioned before, we’ll want our context menu to be responsible for three actions: Let’s mark up our context menu like this: If you’re wondering where to put this markup, let’s leave it right before the closing body tag for now. Two hacks were necessary in order to target standards-compliant browsers and remain compatible with IE: The CSS below is not required for anything to work, but it does give the context menu in this page the look and feel that it has. Such as 0000-aaaa-0000-aaaa each time you run the script, the pattern will remain the same (i.E. The contextmenu event is sent to an element when the right button of the mouse is clicked on it, but before the context menu is displayed. In our init function, we can add this: And the function will look like this: Awesome.

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Once it is opened, you can also use the keyboard to (fully) navigate it. I have two responses to this: 1) it is easy to make this standard by turning it into a left-click-on-an-image; 2) sometimes the default isn’t the best.

Using the Control

I have no problem determining the distance, however, the label is always showing the distance for the last entry rather then the distance determined for that leg. Here’s my additional CSS: Now, it’s time to get our context menu ready for action. And if you’re wondering about positioning of the active context menu, we’ll tackle that later on too. Two cutting edge and leading examples of web applications are Gmail and Dropbox. 4 numbers, 4 letters, etc) By posting your answer, you agree to the and .